Ahsoka's Baylan Skoll Is More Interesting Than Any Other Sith


Many characters defy archetypical categorization in the labyrinthine realm of "Star Wars" lore. However, one individual stands out in this intricate tapestry like a lone star in a moonless sky—Ahsoka Tano's Baylan Skoll. This character, less renowned than the canonical Sith, offers complexity layers that transcend binary divisions of good and evil. This article delves into why Baylan Skoll, cloaked in intrigue and moral ambivalence, becomes a fascinating study compared to any Sith Lord you'd care to name.

A Brief Overview of the Sith

Before dissecting the multifaceted Baylan Skoll, it's imperative to delineate what defines a Sith. Often presented as the nemeses of the Jedi, Sith are force-sensitive individuals who have succumbed to the intoxicating allure of power, usually fueled by darker emotions like hatred, anger, and fear. Though these characters are unquestionably charismatic, their motivations often veer into monochromatic territory—starkly contrasting to Baylan Skoll. Learn more about the Sith here.

A Unique Pedigree: Not Sith, Not Jedi

The most enthralling aspect of Baylan Skoll is his idiosyncratic origin. He is neither Sith nor Jedi but an amalgamation of disparate elements that render him sui generis in a universe that seems to delight in polarities. His idiosyncratic philosophy marries the tenets of both factions, making him a precursor of unprecedented moral complexity. Here's how the Jedi and Sith usually differ.

The Complexity of Moral Ambiguity

What engrosses avid fans and dilettantes alike is Skoll's exceptional moral ambiguity. Unlike the Sith, who are often pigeonholed into the rote narrative of power and domination, Skoll grapples with ethical quandaries that reflect our human experience. His existential dilemmas revolve around freedom, destiny, and the malleability of morality, offering audiences a nuanced persona to explore.

The Philosophical Depth

Baylan Skoll is not just another cutout character serving as fodder for spectacular lightsaber duels. Rather, he embodies philosophical axioms that provoke rumination. His nuanced understanding of the Force shuns reductivism, instead embracing a holistic view reconciling the dichotomies that have long plagued this mystical energy field. Explore philosophical themes in Star Wars here.

Unconventional Relationships

Traditionally, Sith relationships hinge on a paradigm of master and apprentice, a simple but volatile binary that often results in betrayal. On the other hand, Skoll forges relationships that defy this archaic schema. His alliances are not dictated by the prospect of usurping power but by a complex web of interpersonal dynamics that make him more relatable and, ironically, more human.

A Testament to Character Development

By circumventing the clichéd arcs often ascribed to Sith characters, Baylan Skoll epitomizes sublime character development. His evolution is not a straight path but a convoluted journey with moral vicissitudes that elevate him beyond the standard-issue villain. He evolves, regresses, and metamorphoses, offering an authentic narrative experience.


In a universe awash with iconic characters, Baylan Skoll shatters the glass ceiling of complexity, offering a rich tapestry of attributes that make him far more compelling than the garden-variety Sith. He is an enigma wrapped in a problem, a character whose intricacies warrant casual observation and deep, analytical engagement. Amidst the endless galaxy of Sith and Jedi, Baylan Skoll emerges as a beacon of nuanced storytelling, a character deserving of the spotlight. In the final analysis, he is more than just a foil to Ahsoka Tano; he reflects the multitudes within each of us, waiting to be explored.

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