Elevate Your Lightsaber Dueling Skills with Us

While many films have showcased epic battles, the allure of light combat has created a unique space in popular culture. This blend of traditional swordplay with a futuristic twist has given rise to a dedicated community of light combat enthusiasts.

Starting with the fundamentals, it's imperative to have a top-tier blade designed for light combat, akin to the craftsmanship found at Nsabers. While we'll touch upon the nitty-gritty later, a casual visit to a nearby retail store won't meet the mark.

Embarking on the Nsabers Path

  1. Craftsmanship at its Best: Your journey begins with the right tool. Nsabers is renowned for producing lightsabers that are both aesthetically pleasing and battle-ready.
  2. Prioritizing Protection: The thrill of a duel is unmatched, but safety is paramount. Arm yourself with essential protective gear, from helmets to gloves, drawing parallels with protective measures in sports like Kendo and fencing.
  3. Laying the Groundwork: Before diving into complex maneuvers, it's crucial to master foundational techniques. The lightsaber should move seamlessly with you, becoming a natural extension of your being.

Elevate Your Dueling Prowess

With a solid foundation, you can explore advanced techniques:

  • The Gale: A whirlwind of swift attacks and parries, marked by agile jumps and varied slices.
  • Guardian's Slice is a deceptive technique that draws opponents close, only to unleash a potent circular slash.
  • Wyvern's Dance: A two-fold attack targeting an adversary's upper and lower stances.
  • Whirlwind Defense: Broad, flowing movements of the blade, designed to exploit vulnerabilities in the opponent's guard.

It's paramount to acquaint yourself with the guidelines of light combat engagements. If flying solo without group affiliations, adhere to foundational principles: steer clear of striking sensitive zones like the neck, face, or lower torso. And remember, fair play is key — always recognize when your opponent lands a successful strike.

Communities and Training Hubs

While Nsabers equips you with the best gear, joining dedicated groups can refine your skills:

  • LudoSport: A dynamic fighting style emphasizing fluidity and precision.
  • TSL (The Saber Legion): Rooted in the US, this organization marries safety with skill, offering a holistic training experience.
  • FFE-ASL/TPLA: is an organization rooted in France that acknowledges light combat as a competitive sport. It closely mirrors traditional fencing in its approach and employs a detailed point-scoring system. The organization has several affiliated institutions in the US and maintains a dynamic presence on YouTube.
  • LSL (Lightspeed Saber League): Merging the finesse of fencing with lightsaber combat provides a fresh perspective on dueling.

Choosing Your lightsabers

Your lightsaber is an extension of your identity:

  • Balance & Heft: Seek an agile yet substantial lightsaber, ensuring swift actions without tiring you.
  • Ergonomics & Aesthetics: While beauty matters, the hilt should offer a firm grip and be devoid of discomfort-causing intricacies.
  • Sturdiness: With Nsabers, you're assured of a durable companion, ready for the most intense confrontations.

Final Thoughts

Lightsaber combat transcends being a mere sport; it's a passion, a community, and for many, a calling. With Nsabers as your ally, you're not just acquiring a lightsaber but embracing a tradition. Whether you're drawn to the dark or the light, respect the craft, ensure safety, and relish every moment of the journey.


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